POCSTARS Celebrates First Anniversary of New Office in Shenzhen

On June 27th, POCSTARS, a world leading Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solution provider, held the 1st anniversary celebration of moving office to Shenzhen International Innovation valley. Rong Xi, Chairman of POCSTARS, hosted the town hall meeting with the team at its Shenzhen office. 

"In the past year, POCSTARS has experienced rapid expansion. When we moved here the International Innovation Valley last year, the office was still partially unoccupied. Today all the office cubicles are fully occupied. POCSTARS keeps investing in human resources; the team is the source of innovation and growth. I give the credit of the rapid development to every colleague here. The International Innovation Valley has witnessed your hard work, and our work will be rewarded by the market, " said Rong Xi, recognizing the team’s contribution. At the town hall meeting, Rong Xi invited representatives of different departments to share their experience working in POCSTARS and encouraged the team to contribute ideas for the future growth . 

"I have been working in POCSTARS for almost five years, and I am honored to witness its development, especially the progress of the overseas market from zero to one. During the pandemic, affected by the complex economic situation in China and abroad, it is a great achievement for POCSTARS to continue expansion in the markets steadily and rapidly. At present, our customers are located across the world, and our products and services have been recognized by more and more customers,” said Sonia Huang, head of Overseas Line. “It’s quite a team work.  Rong takes on the business in a down-to-earth manner; the product development team makes sure our solutions are at the forefront; I believe that with our joint efforts, we will win more markets and orders. "

Sun Haiping, software platform manager, looked back at his five years at POCSTARS and shared his perspective on career development. “When I think of work as for myself, not just for the company, I gain happiness and contentment from my work. At the same time, I devote myself to the job with more enthusiasm, actively solve every problem and make shared progress with the company and the team,” Sun said. 

Shen Liang, Java program manager and Shi Gang, Android program manager echoed each other with their insights in software development. “We keep innovating and debugging to meet customers’ requirements. Products come into being in the debates between different departments, which is a valuable process. We have not only improved our skills, but also led the product development team to overcome technical difficulties. We enjoy seeing our products being recognized by customers from different countries,” said Shen.1-220G1143203O7.jpg