POCSTARS Connecting New Frontiers

Shanli Tongyi Technology, a leading push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) communications solution provider in China, has stepped up its effort to promote its PoC software and infrastructures to overseas markets with its brand POCSTARS. Radio China talks to Louis Rong, President of POCSTARS to find out more about the company and the PoC market.

Radio China: We noticed that POCSTARS has renewed its brand tagline. Is it part of a campaign?

Louis Rong: Thanks for Radio China’s attention. Yes, we did start to use a new tagline for our brand POCSTARS, and it is part of our effort to strengthen and expand our presence in overseas market. “Connecting New Frontiers” is not merely a tagline. It is actually what we at POCSTARS are doing. We are bringing the latest development of different frontiers of communications technologies together, and the team is proud to deliver better connectivity at work for professionals on the move. Our customers and users are from all walks of lives and industries. They are working at all different frontiers. We are trying to create value for them with our PoC communications solution.

Radio China: What does POCSTARS offer to overseas market?

Louis Rong: Yes, last year we launched the Mini Server to the market. It’s well received by commercial users. It is developed with the latest PoC technology and preloaded with POCSTARS software. Basically, our customers can have their own PoC system with minimum investment in infrastructure. The Mini Server itself is very reliable and offers redundancy with the cloud server backup, which provides clients with peace of mind for uninterrupted PTT communication service.

Radio China: Do you see PoC technology obsoletes traditional PMR any time soon?

Louis Rong: The PoC communications system take advantages of carriers’ wide signal coverage to realize the multimedia dispatching function with minimum blind areas, which is one of the biggest advantages of PoC over PMR. Our solution supports interconnection with the existing PTT system to protect customers’ earlier investment. While PoC offers versatile data features, PMR still plays an essential role in many sectors, public safety in particular. Therefore, it’s more about technologies complementing each other. That’s what are doing, connecting technology frontiers.