POCSTARS PoC communications solution has been widely adopted by healthcare institutions. It offers healthcare professionals with abundant features, such as PTT call, real time positioning, SOS, multimedia message, picture transmission, video call, etc., which enables visualized management of emergency call and response, treatment follow-up, mobile monitoring, telemedicine, patient data management, drug tracking, medical waste tracking, etc.

PoC Communication Solution

  • Real-time Location

  • Video Streaming

  • Multimedia Message

  • Track Playback

  • Geo-group

  • Voice Message Record

  • Real-time Voice Call

Voice Call: The frontline medical staff can communicate with each other by voice call. Cross-department group call makes collaboration efficient, and the dispatcher can reach out to all the team members instantly with an all-call.

Multimedia Message: With multi-channel information sharing, frontline medical staff can share information with colleagues and dispatchers through image and video transmission, text message, voice message and location sharing.

Video streaming: When encountering emergencies, frontline medical staff remotely enables experts to understand the details of the patients on the scene more clearly through the video streaming.

Location-based Visual Dispatching: The position of front-line medical staff is uploaded to the dispatcher through PoC radios in real time automatically. The dispatcher can check the position and status of frontline personnel at any time, which facilitates efficient supervision and management. 

Voice Call Recording: Voice call, pictures and videos can be recorded and downloaded. The command center can monitor real-time voice calls of medical staff in routine and special tasks, and the system records all the calls automatically. The recorded file can be exported and saved.

Special Area Management (Geo-Group): Defining a certain area to deal with special tasks, authorized medical members can enter the area for reinforcement to strengthen prevention and control effort.

SOS One-key Alarm: The command center will immediately dispatch nearby personnel to support after receiving the one-key alarm SOS triggered by frontline staff to ensure the safety of the team.