The traditional public safety trunking communications and dispatching system has some shortcomings, such as inability to dispatch cross regions, lack of visualized dispatching and cross system interconnection. Its data capacity is very limited, therefore it is poor in positioning, multimedia and emergency backup.

POCSTARS utilizes public mobile communication technology, and offers solutions running in carriers' cellular network, which breaks the spectrum limitation of traditional PTT systems. The public safety solution is customized to create a dedicated command and dispatch system without blind spots for police and traffic police application scenarios, supporting voice call, positioning, multimedia and other convergent features.  It also supports interconnection with the existing PTT system to protect users' early investment. With the new system in place, there will be no information silos. The public security forces will be able to achieve unified command and dispatching and work with better audio quality, faster data transmission, more versatile features, and safer communications.

Main Application Scenarios: public security, traffic police, justice, fire, urban management, road administration, emergency rescue, security enforcement represented by community service, public service industry.

PoC Communication Solution

  • Geo-group

  • Video Streaming

  • Multimedia Message

  • Track Playback

  • Geo-Fencing

  • Real-time Location

  • Voice Message Record

  • Real-time Voice Call

Location-based Dispatching: The POCSTARS system provides geographic information system (GIS) based dispatching and management capabilities. The visualized dispatching and management platform empower the manager with real-time dispatching, efficient interaction, accurate and effective task management.

Emergency Alarm: Quick alarm and timely response. In case of emergencies, the onsite team is able to contact and alarm the command and dispatch center, report the case, risk and onsite situation, which enables the command center to respond swiftly.

Multimedia Message: With powerful features of smart terminals, the system can provide the integration of multiple business functions such as trunking call, visualized command and dispatch, real-time positioning, picture / video transmission. It also supports the integration of the police command and dispatch system to meet challenges in various emergency scenarios.

Geo-Group: In various large-scale activities or emergencies, the on-duty law enforcement personnel need to be grouped by region. The Geo-Group feature can effectively group users according to different regions. Once someone crosses the border, the system will trigger Cross-border record immediately, dispatchers can view the records of the cross-border person in the dispatch system. At the same time, when the user enters the group fence area, the system automatically monitors, and when the user leaves the fence, the system automatically cancels the monitoring, which is convenient for the command center to implement cross-regional dispatching of the inspection personnel.