Large Airport Expands POCSTARS PTT System with New Licenses


POCSTARS, a world-leading Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solution provider, has recently expanded the PoC system for a large airport in Asia by adding more licenses. The airport deployed an on-premises push-to-talk system comprising devices and platform software supplied by POCSTARS in February 2022.

The project is an independent deployment solution with local high availability and remote data backup. In the past one and a half years, this PoC system provided seamless communication among airline staff, airport service personnel, and the control center, greatly enhancing their work efficiency. The airport was very satisfied with POCSTARS' stable system and 24/7 service and decided to add a new batch of licenses this month to expand the usage to other departments.
The highlights of this system are as follows:
1. Server redundancy: The project has two local servers, one main server, and one standby server. When one server fails, the other server immediately takes over to ensure no PTT service interruption due to server downtime.
2. Data backup server: In addition to the two local servers, POCSTARS also deployed an additional server in another city for data backup to provide an additional layer of data security.
3. Audio quality management: POCSTARS PoC system administrators can adjust terminal speech quality by modifying heartbeat and speech quality parameters on the operation platform based on network conditions.
4. Rapid temporary group setup: By using "Address List" at the dispatch console, the dispatcher can create a temporary group by ticking members of the Group List as well as rapidly create a temporary group by ticking members from different departments and managerial levels.
5. Multimedia messaging and positioning services: POCSTARS PoC system supports versatile multimedia messaging features, such as sending text, picture, and video messages, as well as video streaming. It also provides positioning services such as real-time positioning, distance measurement, track playback, Geo-fence, and Geo-group, fully meeting the airport's requirements.
6. It supports large groups with over 1,000 members, making it a great tool to manage and coordinate big teams.
POCSTARS keeps optimizing the solution performance and adding new features to meet the requirements of more scenarios and different industries besides airports. POCSTARS has been providing safe and reliable services to customers in public security, logistics, utility, transportation, and other fields.